Learn to Trade Workshop
 How to take advantage of the
Global Financial Markets in 2020!
Learn to Trade Workshop
Saturday, 14th December 2019
4:00pm - 6:30pm AEST
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How Would You Like A 10-Hour Work Week?
​​​​​​​Well this is where you get started!
Understand the markets properly!
A complete discussion of why the Futures Markets are so different to every other trading market globally and what this means to you as a trader.
Spot a great signal!  
A step by step guide on how to spot a great trade in the market and an indepth discussion on makes up a great trade.
Trade that signal really well!
A detailed disucssion on order placement, initial risk control, short range target setting, the works. 
Profit maximisation
Learn how to run the trend while understanding progressive risk management and how it works.
Risk control
We will explain to you exactly where to place your risk on every trade you take. This is about initial risk placement, the use of a stop-loss and finally graduated risk control. The strategy to day trading is constant risk management.
Trading goals and capital projection
Learn how to set a trading goal and how to stay consistent to this goal in your trading journey. 
Success Psychology
Discover what is takes to be a Day Trader with IDTA. We’ll discuss the psychological tools you need to take calculated, risk savvy trades.
Plan development
We will discuss the key components of the “Chase One Rabbit” trading strategy and a highly defined trading plan that actually works.
Plan implementation
Learn how you can get started trading with IDTA as soon as the Workshop is over. 
Our Community
​​​​​​​Meet some of our members...

Meet Danielle M.
Founder of Day Trader Mum
Western Australia

2018 Trading Business School Student

​​​​​​​Graduated: Essentials, Platinum & TBS Programs

Danielle shares the love of her ability to work from home and how IDTA has provided her with a step by step pathway.

The journey continues...

Meet Tim
​​​​​​​Bundall, QLD - 4th Feb 2018

Meet George
​​​​​​​Kempsey, NSW - 4th Feb 2018

Meet Martin
​​​​​​​Westleigh, NSW - 4th Feb 2018

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What if you could actually have the life you've always wanted?
A 10 Hour Work Week with the time to focus on the things you love
The Laptop Lifestyle with the opportunity to travel and trade as proven by IDTA
A Global Community to supprt you every step of your trading journey
Welcome to the Masterpiece in Motion
The World of Day Trading with IDTA!
Lachlan Elsworth
​​​​​​​IDTA Founder
Lachlan Elsworth, is a Founder and Director of the International Day Trading Academy Company, Head Coach, Presenter and System Architect behind the International Day Trading Academy Education and Strategy. He is the IDTA Company’s senior professional trader and moderator.

Better known as ‘Lachy’, he is well-recognised and a highly respected expert in the areas of Day Trading and Trading Psychology within the trading field.

Lachlan has become a global ambassador for honesty and transparency in the markets. These are reasons why Lachlan started the International Day Trading Academy (IDTA), which is in his opinion the leading futures trading school in South East Asia.
Cameron Buchanan
​​​​​​​IDTA Founder
Cameron Buchanan is a Founder and Director of the International Day Trading Academy Company. He is known to their trading students as Cam the trading mentor, Live Trading Room Moderator and Professional Trader.

Cam is a businessman, an investor, a trader, a passionate surfer and amateur competitive golfer as well as a qualified school teacher. He is a well-recognised and highly respected in the trading world as an expert in the economic cycles of Trading and Investment.  Cam was the mastermind behind the very first Byron Bay Surf School which grew organically into an empire and became one of the largest Surf School Businesses in Australia.

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The idea of trading for a living may be appealing to many people. The idea of being your own boss, setting your own schedule and working when you want to are just three of the potential appeals. In addition, the infrustraucture required to start your trading business is minimal. No staff, no inventory, no customers, no shop front and no drop ship. Just you, the markets, your laptop or PC and an apporunity to shone as a professional trader.

The idea of 'trading' seems to be a concept understood by many people globally, however most traders start off on the wrong foot by trading a market controlled by a Broker. Time to go professional and trade the markets like the Pro's. Time to join IDTA and get your trading journey started for real.
​​​​​​​THE 1-1-1-1 PRINCIPLE
To be great in trading, you need to keep your trading as simple as possible and the 1-1-1-1 Principle is here to guide you on this exact journey. The 1-1-1-1 Principle means target 1 Market, at 1 Time Each Day, using 1 Strategy and with 1 Target.

Lachlan has trained over 1100 traders, globally, and has concluded the following. If you want to be highly successful as a trader. learn to trade with the trend and learn to walk away from the markets the moment your daily goal is hit. Trading requires discipline, patience and trust in a strategy that you know clearly works.

If you are willing to be this person, the ideal student if you will, then the IDTA System may be for you. 
Start your trading journey early with our FREE E-BOOK "Trading as a Business" when you sign up for the next Workshop!
See you at the Workshop!

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