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Trading Up To Lifestyle


Keeping hold of our lifestyle in these times can be a challenge, especially when our normal source of income is threatened, or suddenly stops. It can be a frightening prospect to face this uncertain future. However, futures trading can be the knight on the white horse, ready and waiting to take up the slack. Belinda and Bryson share their journey with you as they adapt to changing circumstances and focus on building their futures trading into a permanent source of income.


Bryson: Memories of my very first job, being a paperboy walking the local streets on my allocated ‘paper run’, had taught me the value of money and what a great whistling technique can do to increase sales revenues. ROI’s and KPI’s didn’t mean anything to me at that time, but a reliable wheelbarrow full of freshly printed papers most definitely did. The Saturday paper was so thick that I needed both arms to lift it. Before I delivered each paper to the door step, I was tasked to slip in the advertisement brochures that were carefully folded by the newsagent the night before. Most of my clients were still in pyjamas and with an awkward smile, they exchanged coins for the paper so that they could catch up with the latest news, but most importantly the latest jobs on offer!


Another memory of an early job that I hold very dear, was the local milk run. Back in the eighties it was normal to leave empty, washed bottles on the top step of your front porch with the light on.


Now this job for me had two very significant events, the first was to provide me with confidence and the second, fortitude. Now I was quite the sportsman in my early teens, but who wasn’t? Kicking the ball around straight after school and then home for dinner before the street lights went out, or I’d cop it! The milk run was only meant to be a part-time job, but it turned out to be a 5-hour slog, 5 days a week from 4pm to sometimes 10pm at night. When I first started, I really didn’t want to do it, in actual fact I was so afraid to go back after my first night, I had a little cry to mum. Mum’s advice to me, ‘harden up and don’t show weakness, there is nothing wrong with learning something new. Just give it time and do the same thing over and over again and you will get good at it.’ Sounds familiar?


So, I did go back the next day and then the day after that. I finished my first week and continued that milk run for 12 months until I saved enough to buy my first set of roller skates.


Belinda: Today, I see futures trading as my lifebuoy. Trading is a skill and I’m still learning. I’ll never stop learning. Since our last article ‘Trading city life for the mountain air’, the company I worked for has made me redundant after a long 17 years of service. It’s hard. Very hard in every aspect. The change from employed to unemployed has a psychological connotation which is difficult to shake after so many years of permanent employment. It’s a different world out there now, even the approach to finding a job is vastly different today in comparison to the last time I searched for a job all those years ago.



I ask myself a question, and answer it with painful honesty. Do I want to go back into full-time employment? As much as I enjoyed my job, the answer is a definite ‘no’. But what do I do now?


When I had full-time employment, trading was a means to earn extra cash in my spare time, but now I’m looking at it as a means to replace my income. Naturally, trading has grown more serious in my mindset. Dabbling in simulation doesn’t cut it anymore and I’m approaching live trading head on.


Bryson: Working fulltime in the futures trading industry as well as living on the land with Belinda means that I can have an amazing life balance, and this reflects directly in my trading and dare I say, in both our trading outcomes.


Having a head start on Belinda with trading psychology and systems, I have been able to learn to control my fear of loss and approach my trading with a more clinical determination. Knowing that I believe strongly in my trading plan and that with a regimented pre-trading ritual and then post trading observational debrief, I have the tools and mental attitude to be on my way to master the one market using my one strategy at the one time each day.


Over the last 3 months since trading with Belinda, I have added 100% to my trading account and watched Belinda gain confidence daily with her trading technique.


It truly gives me a great feeling to know that I am trading in the global markets and spending my earnings locally at the fresh organic markets. It is very important to enjoy the positive results of your trading and getting to reward yourself by spending it on some of life’s necessities. At the moment, that will be a new ride on a mower for the property.


Belinda: Looking back over these past months at my growth with futures trading, I see how my mindset has changed as I gain experience and adapt to my new circumstances. Taking on trading is uniquely personal. We all react differently to our wins and to our losses. When I first started practicing on simulation, I took it so personally. If I took a win, I would smile from ear to ear. ‘Look at me!’ I’d say, ‘I’m a natural’, and when I had a loss, I was a storm cloud for the rest of the day. Poor Bryson rode my bad temper quietly. He’d been there before. He understood.


But my storm clouds when I was trading sim, were a light breeze on a summer’s day in comparison to when I turned to trading live.


Now that I’m not working fulltime, I’ve had more time to reflect, and my priority is keeping my lifestyle. I have the time and freedom to pursue activities I am most passionate about, and digging deeper, this gives me the ‘why’ behind my achievements going forward.


Happiness comes to me at unexpected times and from the simplest of joys. The other day, I happened to look out at the forest through our window and spotted a timid little wallaby foraging along the garden edge. For me, this is happiness. I love the nature that surrounds our home, and I’m so grateful for where we live and for the lifestyle we are building.


So, when I look at the charts, identify the patterns, follow my trading plan, this is what I think about, this is my ‘why’. I have a little way to go to manage those storm clouds, but I know I’ll get there. Meanwhile, I follow my passions, and together with Bryson, we build our podcast business that gives us enjoyment and focus.


Belinda and Bryson are partners in life, business and trading. Visit www.betweenthetrades.com to listen and subscribe to podcasts of fellow future traders and educators and other inspirational guests.