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Trading Business School

12 Month Day Trading Program - Make Trading Your Profession

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‘Trading as a Business’

All traders that wish to trade as a profession.



3 Residential Weekends

12 Months in the Live Trading Room

12 One on One Coaching Sessions

12 Monthly TBS Coaching Webinars

12 Months of IDTA Indicators

12 Months of Bi-Weekly Advanced Coaching

Learn to Trade Professionally – 12 Month TBS Program


This is our 12 Month Professional Learn to Trade Course and the goal of this program is simple. Our goal is to produce highly effective highly successful Futures Traders globally. In our experience, High Performers in any field have a coach and this is exactly why we developed this program. A great coach is successful in their specialty and in this case it is Day Trading the Futures Markets that we specialise in.


Our 12 Month Professional Learn to Trade Course will force you to think about what it takes to be a great trader in the current market environment. From strategy, to tactics, to psychology, this course has it all. Traditionally, only the wealthy could afford to be in trading programs such as this, and it is a fallacy that they had all of the knowledge to make a quiet fortune in the trading and stock markets.


TBS ultimately will be a small group of selected traders who will be working in close proximity with our professional traders, business mentors and trading mindset and psychology specialists.

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What Will I Learn?

A detailed analysis of what makes up the IDTA Trading Algorithms.

Advanced Signal and Candle Stick Analysis techniques to build trust and confidence in trading.

The opportunity to work one on one with the IDTA Pro Trading Team.

60-Minute, 4 Hour and Daily Chart Analysis and Trading Techniques.

Larger Chart target projection techniques using Fibonacci Extensions and Retracements.

Advanced Risk Management and Risk Mitigation Techniques.

5-Minute / Larger Chart Combination Trading Techniques including Swing Trading.

The Trading Business School involves 3 x 3 Day Long Weekend Workshops throughout the year. Current TBS Students have described these ‘Long Weekends’ as 3 Day Micro Platinum’s and Lachy is ready to go again!
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