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IDTA Interviews Nick W, Sydney, NSW, 24 November 2015
IDTA’s Trader of the Year for 2015

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Nicks Journey with IDTA

Consistently walking away each day achieving my daily goal.

Just wanted to pass along how much I’m enjoying the live trading room.  The bonus “coaching” as we are trading is helping my knowledge base no end and I am consistently walking away each day achieving my daily goal.  I’m getting +4 [$50 per contract] on ES through the LTR time slot and the rest in the later sessions.”

Kind Regards, Amanda D, Mandurah, WA, 13 August 2015.

Brutal honesty and clarity.

“I want to state just how much the IDTA Live Trading Room has advanced my trading knowledge. There is quite simply no other way which comes even close to demonstrating trading principles with such brutal honesty and clarity; where the raw truth cannot be hidden and the teachers throw their beliefs into the arena to be tested – the Colosseum of trading where emotions run high and real blood (margin) does occasionally stain the sand! I say, let it continue to live! Give it the thumbs up!”

Kind Regards, Brian W, Gold Coast, QLD, 13 August 2015

$3300 AUD from one trade in the Live Trading Room.

Hi Guys, First trade for this week got a great runner for +186 Ticks for approx. $3,300 AUD. Will now relax for rest of week as US thanks giving may slow markets. Thanks for great commentary. See you next week.

Regards, George R, Sydney, NSW, 29 November 2015.

Just reached my goal for week which is $10,000 AUD!!!

Just reached my goal for week which is $10,000 AUD. I have had 3 great trading nights this week since I completed the TBS. Total ticks for 3 nights now stands at 1,207 Ticks for a total of $21,122 AUD (Well over my target I wanted to make).

Thanks to all involved at TBS. Regards, George R, Sydney. 29 April 2015

It’s almost impossible not to be profitable

Hi guys, first of all, thanks for an awesome LTR. I’m tracking “my” results in preparation for going live and it’s almost impossible not to be profitable doing exactly what John does.

Lisette W. Mill Park, Victoria, 28 April 2015.

$3000 profit in three weeks.

Hi IDTA Team! Can I say I am extremely happy with Lachy, John and you for the open and transparent teachings you have shown me thus far and I am enjoying and learning at a nice pace and loving it. Since the LTR I have been selective with trades. I started with $10k and now just over $13k in three weeks.

Nicholas W. Sydney, NSW, 3 February 2015

Doubled my Account in One week then I did it again!!!

Hi Lachlan, I have just finished trading for the day and thought you might like to hear about my latest trading results. Using the 101 Course training combined with the education received each day in the trading room with John I have achieved the following live results:

27 July – 31st July Doubled Account Size
3rd Aug – 7th Aug Doubled Account Size
11 Aug (Today) increased Account Size by 17%

Kind Regards, Peter D, Melblourne, Victoria, 13 August 2015.