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At IDTA we believe the best testimonials are from traders who are using the exact IDTA Trading System you could use!


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Remie Watkins – ‘The Guys at IDTA Are so Patient and Generous With Their Time’ (2019)

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Accelerator Program


“IDTA is not just a Day Trading Academy, they are a group of genuine, caring people who treat everyone with respect and do everything they can to support each and everyone of their members to reach success. I am very grateful for their support, and would recommend them to anyone who would like to learn how to become financially free through Trading.”

  • Lea L. Accelerator, May 2020


“The comprehensiveness of the IDTA program is better than anything else I have seen in 12 years of trading. It’s not just a set of indicators, it is a complete trading system, and a community of like-minded people.

  • Naj, Accelerator, May 2020


“Excellent workshop to help me get up to speed on Day Trading the Futures markets effectively.”

  • Cesar T, USA. May 2020


“I have done a few courses in my time and would recommend this to anyone who is interested in trading futures, a very detailed course and helpful to gain knowledge of markets thanks again.”

  • Jeff. Accelerator, May 2020


“The program was very thorough and the team is super supportive. The content is fantastic and was explained really well.”

  • Joshua S. Accelerator, May 2020


“To date my experiences have been all positive. I may take a little longer grasping concepts and or new knowledge, however the willingness to help me is heartening and bodes well for a long and profitable relationship.”

  • Craig M. Accelerator, May 2020


“It was a fantastic program with accredited presenters with a wealth of knowledge which is exciting! It gave me a foundation to move forwards with which is exactly what I was after.”

  • Julius H. Accelerator, May 2020


“The Accelerator workshop was wonderfully calm, I trust Cam because he isn’t about hype or selling more products, I love his style, although the discussion of more depths elements before the basics had been done was a little harder to follow. I loved being able to ask lots of questions throughout the program. Help support was done in such friendliness, they were all constantly on the lookout to make sure if any of the participants were challenged with the learning and finding it difficult, they would then help them to move forward.”

  • Sue S, Katoomba, NSW, November 2017


“Love all of Cams systematic approach to teaching and training, and the quality of trading material that we covered and learn’t over this 2.5 days.”

  • Keith H, Northam, WA, June 2017


“This workshop exceeded my expectations in every aspect of learning. The presenters and support team were unbelievable and the food and environment outstanding. The highest quality of structure of the program. The knowledge of the coaches assisted me greatly in my learning, I could not have faulted anything in this program, and it was the best!”

  • Ann T, Perth, WA, November 2017


“Very good and practical information, Holistic in its essence as well which I enjoyed for my trading journey, as well as lots of basic relevant trading education and implementation.”

  • Lea F, Springfield, QLD, November 2017


“This workshop was very helpful to assist me to understand the trading strategy in more depth. Especially the use of the ATM’s and my Risk Management.”

  • Wayne P, Perth, WA, November 2017

Trading Business School


“During this weekend I have fallen in love with trading and the IDTA community. I am already looking so forward to the next TBS weekend. Thank you IDTA.”

  • David W. Park Orchards Victoria. 15 March 2020


”The level of professionalism and depth of knowledge of the presenters and mentors is spectacular. They offer up so much information and are so passionate about sharing and providing support to everyone. Outstanding.”

  • Gary W. Nelson Bay NSW. 15 March 2020


“Lachy, Cam and Kelly have put a system of mental and physical development together to improve my life and financial goals.”

  • Robert M. Barmera, SA. 15 March 2020


“What an amazing journey of growth, learning and friendships. So much high level information on both trading and how I work in my body, my life and my mind. Loved this year with the team.”

  • Fiona H. Brisbane QLD. 24 October 2019


“Totally and completely life changing.” 

  • Diana C. Gold Coast, QLD. 24 October 2019


“Anyone who is wanting to trade, I totally recommend this program. Because, this is not just a way to trade markets, it’s a family and a way to really look at what needs to change for the better in your life. Stick to it and your life will change. These people really care!”

  • Robyn W. Wellington, NZ. 24 October 2019


“To be a trader is to cover all of your bases. If you intend to be a high achiever, a great trader and improve your life skills – TBS is for you!”

  • Peter W. QLD. 24 October 2019

Platinum Program


“I really loved this program, it was tailored so people could ask as many questions as possible. I got so much clarity and learning out of it. I gained a maximum understanding of the system and how to control myself when I am live trading. I was extremely grateful for the level of learning that I gained from this Platinum program. Also the quality of people who I shared this program with were outstanding members. My confidence is now boosted and I feel the program was unadoptable what I need to take my trading forward.”

  • John M, Armstrong Creek, VIC, April 2017


“This Platinum Program was 5 Days of intense powerful learning from the founders of IDTA. There is no other program that has this level of intensity. This program has allowed me to understand how I will make trading a full time job for myself. EVERY TRADER SHOULD DO PLATINUM, IT’S A MUST!”

  • Stephen F, Bateman, WA, May 2017


“Platinum program is a definite MUST for all who wish to trade responsibly, without fear and profitably. My recommendation is that you shouldn’t trade live without completing the platinum program. Best part is that the Platinum 5 day workshop is run by professional traders and headed up by the owner Lachy. I loved my trading so much I have already told all my friends.”

  • Fred W, Gold Coast, QLD, May 2017


“The Platinum program has shown me why I have problems in certain areas of my trading. Furthermore it has changed my mindset and has allowed me to make fundamental changes to my mindset and trading strategy which will allow me to transition in a sensible way toward becoming a professional trader.”

  • Luke B, Sydney, NSW, May 2017

IDTA Ambassadors


“We only get one chance at this thing called life & for me investing in myself & my trading career is worth every cent, you can have the life you’ve always dreamt about, you can start your own journey you just have to believe you’re worth it.”

  • Mark K, April 2020


“I am so very much loving my trading journey. Loving the IDTA family And loving the fact that I can actually recognise trades and take them. In time I want to accomplish the best possible level in trading that I can & be a bright star for my family and friends and anyone else who wishes to come on this journey to freedom.”

  • Heather T, 26th April 2020

Global Hub Meetings


“I got to listen to the recorded session this morning and just want to say how useful these Global Hubs are, for me anyway. I’m sure they are for anyone who tunes in. Really helpful and I always learn something, quite a lot actually.Thank you so much for imparting this knowledge. My trading is going well although I had a bit of a blip last month so ironed it out in SIM for a few weeks to make sure and now I’m back in winning live trades from today. All the best and thanks again.”

  • Gareth W, WA, 6th May 2019


“Just want to say how much I enjoy the Boss and global hub meetings.I always get heaps out of it and could watch for many hours.

Many thanks to Lachy. Cheers.”

  • Greg B, 7th May 2019

Additional Member Feedback


“Just wanted to pass along how much I’m enjoying the live trading room.  The bonus “coaching” as we are trading is helping my knowledge base no end and I am consistently walking away each day achieving my daily goal.  I’m getting +4 [$50 per contract] on ES through the LTR time slot and the rest in the later sessions.”

  • Amanda D, Mandurah, WA, 13 August 2015.


“I want to state just how much the IDTA Live Trading Room has advanced my trading knowledge. There is quite simply no other way which comes even close to demonstrating trading principles with such brutal honesty and clarity; where the raw truth cannot be hidden and the teachers throw their beliefs into the arena to be tested – the Colosseum of trading where emotions run high and real blood (margin) does occasionally stain the sand! I say, let it continue to live! Give it the thumbs up!”

  • Brian W, Gold Coast, QLD, 13 August 2015


“Hi Guys, First trade for this week got a great runner for +186 Ticks for approx. $3,300 AUD. Will now relax for rest of week as US thanks giving may slow markets. Thanks for great commentary. See you next week.”

  • George R, Sydney, NSW, 29 November 2015.


“Just reached my goal for week which is $10,000 AUD. I have had 3 great trading nights this week since I completed the TBS. Total ticks for 3 nights now stands at 1,207 Ticks for a total of $21,122 AUD (Well over my target I wanted to make).

Thanks to all involved at TBS.”

  • George R, Sydney. 29 April 2015


“$3000 profit in three weeks.

Hi IDTA Team! Can I say I am extremely happy with Lachy, John and you for the open and transparent teachings you have shown me thus far and I am enjoying and learning at a nice pace and loving it. Since the LTR I have been selective with trades. I started with $10k and now just over $13k in three weeks.”

  • Nicholas W. Sydney, NSW, 3 February 2015


“Doubled my Account in One week then I did it again!!!

Hi Lachlan, I have just finished trading for the day and thought you might like to hear about my latest trading results. Using the 101 Course training combined with the education received each day in the trading room with John I have achieved the following live results:

27 July – 31st July Doubled Account Size
3rd Aug – 7th Aug Doubled Account Size
11 Aug (Today) increased Account Size by 17%”

  • Peter D, Melbourne, Victoria, 13 August 2015
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