Welcome to the SuperTraders Series!

“Abundance will never be a factor of how much money one has, rather it is always a factor of how one feels about what money one does have.”
Stuart Wilde


It’s a common assumption that when learning to trade, preservation around self and your money, is a priority.

But what sets the winners apart from the masses?

It isn’t the ability to pick precision entries, but rather an understanding of mindset, money and the market management.

Your educator Cameron Buchanan (IDTA Founder), will host Active Day Trader and Trading Psychology coach, Mandi Pour Rafsendjani for a 75 minute insight into the world of futures trading. The series is structured with 1 introductory webinar on each Series followed by a 4 part webinar series on the subjects of



Please start your journey by clicking through on the Series 1 and listen to the 1st complimentary Introduction Webinar on Mindset.

In this webinar you will learn the first steps to becoming a SuperTrader by understanding The Mindset Game.

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