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Learn to Trade – Platinum Program

5 Day Residential Trading Program - Fast Track Your Trading

Welcome to the IDTA 5 Day Platinum Program


‘Fast track your learn to trade journey!’

You must have completed the IDTA 101 Essentials Program or equivalent before being considered for acceptance into the IDTA Platinum Program.


Your 5 Day Program Includes:

5 Days of Live Chart and Trade Analysis

Advanced Candle Stick Analysis Principles

Advanced Market and Signal Analysis in Live Market Conditions

Advanced Signal and Pattern Recognition Principles

Advanced Target Setting and Risk Control Strategies

Advanced Larger Chart Analysis and market Forecasting Principles

Advanced Tips and Tricks on Developing your Trading Psychology

Life-time Access to your Program Material

Why would you attend the Platinum Program?


Our 5 Day Advanced Learn to Trade Platinum Program has already been described by attendees as ‘Completely Life Changing’. The Platinum Program is delivered ‘live’ by our top IDTA Trading Mentor, Lachlan Elsworth, and is your last stepping stone into the world of professional trading IDTA style. The Program has been designed to ‘fast track’ your education and deliver exactly what you need to transition to full time trading as fast as possible. This Program is run over 50 hours, with intense one-on-one mentoring, small group live chart analysis, strategy analysis and a whole lot more. The ‘5 Day’ Advanced Learn to Trade Platinum Program is intended to launch your trading to a completely new level of competence and confidence and as such is highly sought after by our best clients.

You will learn how and why the markets move and how to take advantage of them every time you take a trade!


This means being confident in the trend and also confident in your decision to follow the trend or counter the trend. This means being confident in your IDTA Signal Sets, knowing exactly which signal to use and why you are using it.


This means placing your risk control measures in exactly the right place and understanding why they are placed there. This means using your CSA (Candle Stick Analysis) Principles to enter and exit the markets at exactly the right place.


This means knowing exactly why you are doing what you are doing so you can target a +90% Success Rate on every trade that you take. This means mastering yourself and the way that you interact with the market every trading day so that you can strive to be the best you can be in the Art of Trading.


This is your chance to master the art of trading with our Lead Trader, Lachlan Elsworth!

What will you learn on the IDTA 5 Day Platinum Program with Lachlan?

The exact strategies used by the IDTA Pro Trading Team

Advanced Strategy Development and Implementation

Advanced Candlestick Analysis and Charting

Advanced Target Setting using Fibonacci Extensions and Retracements

Long Range Risk Control Principles

Detailed Analysis of the Psychology of Great Traders

KPI Establishment for Transition to Full Time Trading

“The 5 Day is intended to give traders the opportunity to understand exactly what it takes to be a successful Professional Day Trader. The Strategies, Mindset Tools, Goal Structuring Techniques and ‘Sabotage Matrix’ used in the 5 Day are the best I have seen in SE Asia. This is a truly inspiring package!”


Lachlan Elsworth — Lead Trader and Head Trading Coach.

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