IDTA’s Live Trading Room Performance

Every trade called in our Live Trading Room is called in real time and in front of hundreds of traders from around the world.

We call this 100% Transparency of Performance!

“The only true test of a trading strategy is does it produce real results in real time for real people just like you?” Lachlan Elsworth 12 January 2015

Live Trading Room with the IDTA Team

Our Live Trading Room is set to be number one in SE Asia!

Our Goal is to be the Best Performing Live Trading Room in S.E. Asia!

We believe that the only true measure of the Live Trading Room’s performance is the results that are being achieved by our clients as a result of the Professional Trading Team calling trades.

We also believe that real people just like you, taking real trades, in real time, reporting real results, is the cutting edge of Live Trading Room performance transparency.

If you want to witness this transparency, live in front of your eyes, why not do a trial in the live trading room and you be the judge how good it is!

Our client’s performance in the Live Trading Room is the number one measure of the success of the Live Trading Room.
Here is just a snap shot of the emails we have received:

$5245 profit from one trade. Hi Lachy, First Trade after TBS on the weekend resulted in a 310 ticks for $5,425AUD profit. This was taken as taught in your 15 min chart seminar. Thanks for a fantastic weekend, regards,
George R, Sydney NSW. 29 April 2015.

Consistent Weekly profit. Hey Lachy and team, Just wanted to express a big thanks. I am now consistently reaching my 80 tic weekly target [over $1000.00 AUD per week] based on the live trading room calls. Thanks guys. Yours Sincerely, Wazza.
Warren P, Gold Coast Australia, 13 August 2015.

Doubled My Account in 5 days. Hi Lachlan, I have just finished trading for the day and thought you might like to hear about my latest trading results. Using the 101 Course training combined with the education received each day in the trading room with John I have achieved the following live results:
27 July – 31st July Doubled My Account
3rd Aug – 7th Aug Doubled My Account
11 Aug (Today) increased My Account Size by 17% return in one trading session.
Peter D, Melbourne, VIC, 13 August 2015.

My highest paying trade $1000.00 AUD. To whom it may concern, The live trading room is fantastic for all levels of traders, the coaching you receive is top notch, I have achieved my highest paying trade in the room which was $1000 on FDAX.
Brendan L, Melbourne, VIC, 13 August 2015.

I am averaging $500 per day. Hello IDTA Team, Just want to let you know that I have been using the live trading room for a while now. In the last two weeks I have been sim trading every day and I have made $2,500/- in the last 5 days, averaging $500/- a day.
Radna M, Epping NSW, 13 August 2015. Kind Regards, Radha.

$10,000.00 start on 22 June. Now at $30,960.00 on 13 August 2015. Hi Lachy, I commenced trading in the live trading room on 22nd of June 2015 with $10,000 Sim account. I have been in trading room most nights since then. It has taken me 6 weeks to double my account week ending 31st July. Started trading 2 contracts from 3rd of August 2015 and have doubled my original in-vestment again in Sim. Current sim account is sitting at $30,960 as at 10th August. The trading room has been invaluable training before I go live. Thanks to John again.
Wayne, M. Christchurch, New Zealand, 13 August 2015.

Client performance is our ultimate goal.

Client results posted in the Live Trading Room is the ultimate test of a trading strategy. Well done to all of our Live Trading Room members who are moving forward with your education, your trading and your journey toward being professional traders!

The Award Winning IDTA Team.

Risks of trading in a Live Trading Room

There are many risks associated with trading in a Live Trading Room and these include, but are not limited to: Trader Error, Internet Connection Failure, Trader Confusion, Lack of Trader Discipline, Lack of Trader Competence and Lack of Trader Confidence. To limit these risks as far as practicable it is imperative that all traders follow the practices and procedures as set down in the IDTA Trading Courses, IDTA Live Market Commentary and IDTA Online Coaching Sessions. Trading in the IDTA Live Trading Room does not guarantee you profitable trades and you could lose part or all of your invested capital.

Risks of Electronic Trading

There are many risks associated with electronic trading that include, but are not limited to: Trader Error, Poor Capital Management, Poor Trade Management, Poor Risk Control, Poor Target Selection, Trading System Failure, Trading Platform Failure, Internet Connection Failure, Physical Exchange Failure, Electronic Exchange Failure, Broker Failure and Component Failure. To limit these risks as far as practicable it is imperative that all traders follow the practices and procedures as set down in the IDTA Trading Courses, IDTA Live Market Commentary and IDTA Online Coaching Sessions.

Live Trading Room Past and Future Performance Customer Caution Notices:

The past performance of this product is not and should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Caution should be exercised in assessing past performance. This product, like all other financial products, is subject to market forces and unpredictable events that may adversely affect future performance.

The past performance of any trading strategy does not guarantee future performance and it should not be interpreted as a forecast of future performance. Due to the dynamic nature of the markets we trade, and the fact that we can trade multiple markets, both up and down, simultaneously, no two trading days are likely to be the same. As such, the results achieved in the Live Trading Room on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, cannot be used as an indication of likely future performance.