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Learn to Trade Tip #1.

Learn to Trade Tip #1.

If you want a learn to trade tip, then here is a great one to start 2019.

How do you increase your ‘Learn to Trade’ Success Rate?

To achieve a high learn to trade success rate, always trade with the trend! You will find that your trades tend to hit realistic targets more often and also hit these targets faster. Why? Simple. A great trend indicator will allow you to move with the strength of the market. If the buyers are in command, you will be moving with them. If the sellers are in command, likewise you will be moving with them. It may seem like a simple concept, sure, but why sit on the tracks in front of a freight train (the trend), when you can simply sit on the freight train and enjoy the ride.


Let’s use your learn to trade tip in an example!

In the image above, we have used a green trend indicator to show a buyer owned trend. Each of the buy signals you could have traded are shown using the bright green arrows. The blue boxes represent a ‘profit box’, the distance the market needed to travel to pay you $100.00 AUD.

In each case, the risk was less than $150.00 AUD per trade with each trade taking less than 15 Minutes to pay. The risk on each trade could have been ‘zeroed’ after 10 Minutes, meaning that you were carrying no risk in the trade, but you were still targeting your $100.00 AUD profit target.

These trades were discussed in detail in the Advanced Trading Room on Friday 18 January and for me they are simple testament to the power of trading with the trend.


For more Learn to Trade Tips – come to a live webinar!!!!

I wish I had have had this kind of tip when I started my learn to trade journey!!! If you need a hand to understand more about trend trading then jump in our live webinar session on Wednesday night. Click here for details! Have an amazing learn to trade trading week!!! Lachlan Elsworth