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Learn to Trade – 101 Course

Online Day Trading Course - Everything You Need To Get Started

‘Learning to Trade’

Everything you need to start your trading journey.



13 Modules

31 Online On-Demand Videos

10 Quizzes

Life-time Access


101 Learn to Trade Description


You are in the ‘Learn to Trade’ Drivers Seat with the IDTA Learn to Trade ‘101’ Course and here is why! The Learn To Trade 101 teaches you how to trade multiple markets simultaneously using one strategy. You will have the freedom to trade Commodity Markets like Oil and Gold, all Major Currency Markets like the US Dollar and Aussie Dollar and all major Share Index Markets Globally, all using one strategy. When Currencies are flat, trade Commodities. When Commodities are flat, trade Indexes, the freedom to choose is yours!


The 101 is built for beginner and expert traders alike and delivers you some massive advantages over other ‘learn to trade’ courses. Just one of these advantages is that you can trade the markets without the interference of Brokers and we are going to teach you exactly how to do this!


Whether you are brand new to trading, or a seasoned specialist, our course is designed to be a “step by step beginner guide” that builds on your expertise and helps you develop a deep understanding of why the markets move and how you can take advantage of them.

What Will I Learn?

Fundemental reasons for the Futures market

Beginner Success Priciples

Candlesticks and Charting

The power of the 5-Minute Chart

Trade signals and Patterns

Risk Management

“Our goal from the Learn To Trade 101 Course is simple, deliver the best Day Trading Course that results in educated and disciplined traders”


Lachlan Elsworth — Head Trading Coach.

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