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IDTA Annual Conference – The Traders Forum

The Traders ForumWebinar Replay: Launch The Traders Forum IDTA Annual Conference 2017

This years IDTA 2017 Annual Conference is here once again!

2.5 days of learning and connecting with an exceptional line up of trading & investment professional speakers in an action packed forum.

The Traders Forum has been developed for traders of all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced, and applies to all trading disciplines, including shares, currencies, commodities & futures! Join traders from all over the world as we celebrate everything trading!

Speakers from around the globe will be discussing all aspects of trading from major market events, to mindset mastery, to accurate risk assessment, to Fibonacci, the works. The intent behind the traders forum is that traders and non traders alike leave the forum empowered to be highly consistent and highly profitable traders.

This powerful forum will provide you with the opportunity to sky rocket your trading knowledge and expertise, and work towards being a full time professional day trader. You also get the unprecedented chance to meet and network with like-minded traders and celebrate INSPIRATIONAL TRADING PERFORMANCE from 2017.

  • 2.5 Days
  • 11 Speakers
  • 22 Sessions
  • 5 Masterclasses

“An Event Not To Be Missed”
See you there!


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IDTA 60 Minute Learn to Trade Webinar

Our Learn to Trade webinar will put you in front of our live charts and allow us to show you our trading strategy in real time! 100% Complimentary and held at 8 p.m. (Sydney time) every week on Wednesday. Our online learn to trade webinar will introduce you to IDTA and our strategy in detail. Watch our professional traders as they navigate the live charts and show you the IDTA strategy in real time. If you want to learn to trade in 2017, this is a great first introduction to what we do!

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IDTA Platinum in Bali (August 2017)

MEMBERS ONLY: The Platinum in Paradise program will deliver you a trading program that we are sure, you will never forget! The agenda is action packed with health, fitness, trading techniques, tactics and a high level of education. After the classroom program completes, you will have the opportunity to reward yourself with a day of adventure and fun! We will be spending the morning quad biking through the beautiful green fields of rice paddies, and in the afternoon white water rafting through the Bali Mountains and water cascades, and in completion you will experience a delicious smorgasbord of Indonesian delights in a hidden restaurant within the jungle.

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Are You Ready To Really Take Your Life To The Next Level…?

When you experience the shift program, you will turn your: Your ‘I CANT’ into ‘I CAN’ with:

Skills and the experience to shift your thinking and behaviors around relationships, money, limiting beliefs, sabotaging patterns and unlocking blocked emotions

With the knowledge that you have awakened to a deeper level of yourself where you see yourself creating your own reality

Understanding that willingness is the key to make change happen in your life

Gaining the awareness of whether what you are seeking currently is hurting or healing you

Having learnt how to take full responsibility – WHICH MEANS you own the fact that you are the creator of your current reality

Techniques to release emotions in the moment, instead of bottling them up

Freedom from situations, habits and limits you don’t want to keep looping over and over

The ability to take swift action needed to initiate the changes in your life

Abundance of happiness and laughter

The SHIFT—illustrates HOW and WHY you would make the move from “what you DON’T want to what you DO WANT, then see it SHOW UP

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