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The goal in this program is simple. This program gives you all of the trading relevance needed to expand to the next height of your trading future and now start to build your trading into a business. High performers in any field typically have a coach or mentor in their chosen field of learning and education. A great coach is usually successful in there realm already, so therefore ideally you are fast tracking your success by riding on the back of the mentor’s achievements.

Trading Business School will force you to think about your trading and developing it into a business in ways that you wouldn’t do on your own. Traditionally, only the wealthy could afford to be in trading programs such as this, and it is a fallacy that they had all of the knowledge to make a quiet fortune in the trading and stock markets.

TBS ultimately will be a small group of selected traders who will be working in close proximity with our professional traders, business mentors and trading mindset and psychology experts.

The Trading Business School involves 3 x 3 Day Long Weekend Workshops throughout the year. Current TBS Students have described these ‘Long Weekends’ as 3 Day Micro Platinum’s and Lachy is ready to go again!

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