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Our 5 Day Advanced Learn to Trade Course has already been described by attendees as ‘Completely Life Changing’. The Platinum Course is delivered ‘live’ in front of attendees, with strictly limited places. The IDTA team realize that some traders want to ‘fast track’ their education to becoming a professional trader, and have developed this course specifically to address those clients.

This course is run over 50 hours, with intense one-on-one mentoring, and small groups enabling discussion on every facet of your trading plan and how you seek to implement it.

The ‘5 Day’ is intended to launch your trading to a completely new level of competence and confidence. As such, the course is highly sought after and often booked out up to 6 months in advance.
“The 5 Day is intended to give traders the opportunity to understand exactly what it takes to be a successful Professional Day Trader. The Strategies, Mindset Tools, Goal Structuring Techniques and ‘Sabotage Matrix’ used in the 5 Day are the best I have seen in SE Asia. This is a truly inspiring package!”Lachlan Elsworth — Head Trading Coach.

What does the 103 Course include?

  • Our Extensive 5 Day Small Group Coaching Schedule is delivered live by the very person that developed the entire trading strategy. In this course we cover every aspect of Professional Day Trading that contributes to mastering our style of Emini Futures Trading.

    The Course includes the following Advanced Success Principles:

    • Advanced Market Driver Principles;
    • Advanced Signal and Pattern Recognition;
    • Advanced Screen Shot Development and Market History Analysis;
    • Advanced Trading Psychology Tips and Tricks to help you stay truly focused when it counts — while live trading;
    • The Fundamentals behind single vs multiple strategy trading; and
    • Advanced Profit Maximization, Risk Control and Trade Sizing including Trend Trading and Scale In strategies.
  • Over 30 Live Market Traded Examples will be analysed during the ‘5 Day’ so you know exactly what you are looking for when you are trading. The Program includes the ‘Take Home’ screen shots Journal of the best trades for the week, The Best Trade Setup Signal Guide with every component of the signals explained in detail and a detailed plan of exactly what you need to do when you get home to replicate what has been studied in the program.
  • Will you graduate? Our Live Market Decision Point Exercise puts you in the hot seat in front of the entire course. Would you take the trade and if so why? We utilize Live Market Replay to simulate a full day in the life of a professional trader! You could be given the opportunity to drive the entire session, testing your plan, your resolve, your discipline and your patience!
    This is the true test – are you ready to go Pro?
  • The ‘5 Day’ Special Guest Expert Panel will present solutions on goal setting, emotional fitness, physical fitness, staying disciplined and our famous ‘sabotage matrix’. Our panel will provide an insight into exactly what it is that is holding you back from living your dreams, getting rid of the emotional baggage that you back and getting on with the job of being a professional trader.
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