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Our Intermediate Learn to Trade Day Trading Course (102) is designed for traders who seek to take their trading well beyond the basic level.

The I.D.T.A Team have developed the 102 Course to help novice traders develop a far more detailed understanding of why the markets move and the psychology behind these moves. It is this psychology we seek to take advantage of each and every trading day.

“Our goal from the 102 Course is simple, deliver the highest level of Day Trading Education available in SE Asia and use this to produce highly competent, highly effective and highly profitable Day Traders”Lachlan Elsworth — Head Trading Coach.

What does the 102 Course include?

  • Our Intermediate Course is delivered from within our Member’s Only Accelerated Learning Center to your favorite computer. The 102 Course is designed to build on the foundation established in Beginners Day Trading Course 101 and set the foundation for you to become a Professional Trader. The 102 Course is designed to build and refine your understanding of the following skill sets.Intermediate Success Principles:
    • Trading Plan Development and Implementation;
    • Trading Psychology Development and control of the Fear and Greed ‘Emotions’ while trading;
    • Advanced Candle Stick patterns;
    • Advanced ‘Long Range’ Target Selection, including Profit Maximisation and Advanced Risk Control.
    • 1 Minute, 5 Minute and 15 Minute Chart Analysis.
    • Advanced Range Chart Trading to allow for Micro Stair Step Analysis and Trade Selection.
    • Automatic and Manual Trailing Stop Strategies;
    • Advanced Support and Resistance Trading as well as the use of Fibonacci Retracement Principles for both Short and Long Range Target Estimation.
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