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Get Ready for 2.5 Days of Trading Acceleration…

2.5 BIG Days of trading action


This event is full of trading implementation, trading tools and diversification across the NEW 101 member’s course program.


The weekend is a perfect opportunity for us to provide our traders with a gigantic motivational BOOST to their trading outcomes and accountability!


Some of you might have just started trading, others may have been trading for some time, and others who “god forbid”, life has gotten in the way and you have stopped trading. This is your chance to make the most of your investment and drive yourself forward to becoming a more successful trader.


This Accelerator Program is going to save you time, money and most of all give you the direct in-depth knowledge needed to really move you’re trading forward. Our intention is to build with you, a robust platform for you to trade from while building your confidence to trade it.


It’s time in your trading career to embrace this new workshop opportunity, to assist you with greater understanding therefore confidence and control.


At the workshop, you will hear from a line-up of pro traders, coaches and quality presenters.


Imagine spending 2.5 days live streaming or in person to our IDTA Head Quarters, up close and personal with our pro traders, mentors and coaches?  Who are excited and committed to having your trading education and system working diligently while supporting you to learn OR re learn our new 101 education.


The weekend event will direct you to further success aligning you to our IDTA system. No matter what stage of membership you are at, this weekend program is a MUST. You will experience a different style of learning when you are connected either on live stream or in house with coaches, no matter where you are at in your trading journey.

The Attainment of Objectives over the Weekend are:


  • Learning how to use your NINJA platform
  • Significantly increasing your SKILL LEVEL with Ninja
  • Developing proficiency in using LIVE MARKET REPLAY
  • Understanding our new 101 Course and signals methodically
  • Learning how to use your IDTA membership to the maximum level
  • Recognizing the level of resources available to you, in your membership, this will support your trading experience.
  • Meet your IDTA trading Community of traders and making new friends and great connections with other like-minded IDTA traders.

Here are some Important Guidelines for when you are a New Member of IDTA and completing your online education…




Our Intention for Day 1 (Friday Evening) is to set you up immediately with your Trading System using the NinjaTrader Platform. On this day we will teach you the mechanics of the Ninja trading system.


Topics include:

  1. Basic NinjaTrader Orientation so you can start Trading
  2. Selecting Markets to Trade (Instruments)
  3. Using Workspaces
  4. How to use a chart
  5. Create ATM’s




We are working thoroughly through all aspects of the 101 trading program, you will be working in intimate groups as well as 1 on 1 assistance throughout this time, and this is real hands on with your learning.


Topics include:

  • IDTA Signals Patterns
  • Brushing up on Candle Stick Analysis (CSA)
  • The Power of ABC & Drawing Stair Stepping
  • Reversal Short
  • Reversal Long
  • MDI Continuation Long
  • MDI Continuation Short
  • ABC MDI Continuation Long
  • ABC MDI Continuation Short and much more…
  • Complete the second day connecting with other IDTA members over a glass of wine and nibbles
IDTA trading program graduates
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