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Accelerate Your Journey to Becoming a Trader

At the completion of the Accelerator Program you will be able to
place real trades on a simulation account


2 BIG Days of Trading Action

The Accelerator program is full of trading implementation, trading tools and diversification across the 101 online course.


The weekend is a perfect opportunity for us to provide our traders with a gigantic motivational boost to their trading outcomes and accountability!


This Accelerator Program is going to save you time, money and most of all give you the direct in-depth knowledge needed to really move you’re trading forward. Our intention is to build with you, a robust platform for you to trade from while building your confidence to trade it.

The Live Accelerator Program

Hands-on With the Professionals


Bringing Your Knowledge Into Practice.


The Accelerator Program is a 2 day hands-on, intimate classroom-style event held at IDTA headquarters. Senior trading coaches and Key Educators will guide you in learning the same trading strategy implemented by IDTA.

You will learn how to use the trading platform and how to execute trades. A key focus will be on trade management and risk control of trades once they’ve been executed.


At IDTA building and supporting our community is one of our main focus’. The Accelerator Program allows you to meet with other members (students) and educators to create your own support team.


if you are unable to attend in person, we also offer live-stream access online.

Create a Simulation Account

Place Real Live Trades in a Simulated Environment

Learn to Use a Real Trading Platform

Become proficient in using ``Live Market Replay``

Become proficient in ``Live Market Replay``


All That You Need To Get Started With Trading

Learn the theory through our online 101 course and apply your learning
with our hands on Accellerator program

Bundle these Programs and Save


The Live Accelerator Program

Joining The IDTA Family


Network with like-minded members.


The Accelerator Program is your first chance to meet with members of the IDTA community, to network, and trade alongside others learning to trade. Build your own support team and find “trading buddies” at IDTA we believe that we “trade better together”, we find this is a great way to build on your learning.

IDTA Accelerator Trading Program Graduates

Hi, it’s Cam Buchanan here; educator, mentor, and facilitator of the Accelerator program. If you have completed the IDTA 101 program I’d like to personally invite you to attend the next Accelerator program.


In the program we will begin practicing on a simulated account live in the market place using the IDTA indicators.


Look forward to seeing you at Accelerator