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Our Dedication to Client Success is what makes IDTA different from other educators!

The IDTA pathway has been strategically planned and developed by Lachlan and Cameron to service the high demand of traditional and non-traditional Traders who are seeking better systems, a higher level of integrity from their trading coaches and genuine measurable support. As the economic and global transitions have pushed the boundaries of traditional trading opportunities, IDTA has responded to the clients demand for Financial Education by providing real coaching with live instructors that can help you gain an edge in trading.


We believe that we are one of the fastest growing innovative trading academies in Australia, with the most advanced trading mentors. We teach you how to work with 1 highly effective strategy trading into 70 different markets. The academy offers you an excellent foundation of information to start building your trading business, a multitude of mentors to choose from who are teaching superior education, we have live and online programs to help you understand the information and fully implement it in the trading market. As well as online support, emails, webinars, a chat room where successful traders using the same methods can interact and help each other all at an affordable start up cost, so we can get you’re trading started immediately.


IDTA have specific strategies which work in the Day Trading industry using future contracts. We ultimately teach you to trade these contracts in the trading market in a basic day, where you enter and leave the market in reasonably quick time frame. (approx 10mins).

Lachlan Elsworth

Lachlan Elsworth is the Founder of IDTA. Lachlan fulfills the roles of Head Coach, Presenter and Trading System Architect within IDTA. He is IDTA’s senior professional trader and moderator. Better known as ‘Lachy’, he is a well-recognized globally as a Day Trading and Trading Psychology specialist.

IDTA has a proven educational system, practical workshops and events, supported by some of the most innovative trading tools and materials available today.  All IDTA products and programs have been developed to provide relevant, quality and cutting-edge trading education for all levels of trader. The IDTA programs provide anyone person willing to learn, access to proven educational platform that provides all the skill, knowledge and support to become a competent trader.

Lachlan has an extensive trading career having traded Shares, Options, FOREX and Futures. Lachlan has now spent almost half his life trading in a personal and professional capacity, and as such has developed a highly tuned awareness of what works in the world of trading.  Over the course of his trading career, Lachlan has presented nationally and internationally reaching tens of thousands of people, many of whom have become his students.

Lachlan’s reputation as a highly skilled Trading Mentor, has positioned Lachlan as the ‘go-to’ source for many media platforms including Sky News Australia, ABC News Australia, National Achievers Congress 2013, Your Trading Edge Magazine, and 2GB Radio (Sydney), just to mention a few. Lachlan is a permanent trading adviser and contributor in the highly successful trading magazine ‘Your Trading Edge’ and has been a key note speaker on Australasian stages for over 9 years.

Most recently Lachlan was asked to present the benefits of trading the Global Futures markets to the Board of Directors of the Malaysian Stock Exchange, who collectively direct, own and advice over 240 financial enterprises within the Asian markets.  Lachlan has once again been invited to contribute to this prestigious group again in 2019 with multiple events already scheduled.

As an entrepreneur, and Director of IDTA, Lachlan puts into practice the wealth creation principles he teaches within the trading industry,  giving his clients the opportunity to generate their own financial independence, on their own terms, trading from the privacy of their own homes.   According to Lachlan, “It’s just a matter of finding the right market, the right education and the right mentor.”

Prior to becoming a trading expert Lachlan attended Sydney University studying Science – Physics and Chemistry. Post University, Lachlan progressed to contribute 15 years of service in the Australian Regular Army and achieved the Field Rank of Major.  Lachlan was deployed multiple times on combat operations overseas and as such brings a certain calm to the charts when he is running the Advanced Trading Room. He then chose to follow his passion, teaching and trading, and this has now positioned him as one of the most respected members of the Australian and International Trading industry. Lachlan is an insightful, profit-driven business leader in one of the fastest growing businesses on the planet …. Trading.

Cameron Buchanan

Cameron Buchanan is the Co-Founder and Director of IDTA. Cam is a businessman, an investor, a trader, a passionate surfer and amateur competitive golfer as well as a qualified school teacher. He is a well-recognized and highly respected in the IDTA trading world as an expert in the economic cycles of Trading and Investment. Cam was the mastermind behind the very first Byron Bay Surf School which grew organically into an empire and became one of the largest Surf School Businesses in Australia.

In the last decade Cam has spent a considerable amount of time in the property development industry, expanding his horizons internationally, developing, cultivating and building relationships in China, India and Indonesia, with a direct intention of boosting the Australian property market by negotiating interest and acquisitions within the Australia property development and investments industry.

Cam is now a passionate Day Trader and committed Educator, with an extensive history in Share Trading, Real Estate, Property Development, Sales, Structuring and Marketing. After taking Australia by storm, IDTA has a natural evolution to grow into global markets. “There’s plenty of world out there for all of us. People all over the world are demanding more options to up-skill, build supplementary incomes, work from home making more money in less time, and I saw trading as the perfect option”.

Kelly Lowry

Kelly Lowry – IDTA General Manager, Business, Property and Mindset Strategist and Developer, Beyond Capital Asset Manager Adviser, Futurist, Social and Responsible Entrepreneur. Kelly is a longer term stock trader, and has accumulated a stock portfolio of blue chip style shares.

Currently, Kelly plays the role of General Manager at IDTA. For the past 25 years, Kelly has been creating, inspiring and innovating in the corporate world of commercial business.  With her first property development at the age of 20, Kelly went on to build a diverse portfolio of major developments, including her own successful commercial enterprises. From multi-million property development, to grass-roots conceptual planning for start-up, and everything in between, there isn’t much Kelly hasn’t done.

With a Bachelor of Marketing and International Business, as well as qualifications in design, journalism and public relations, Kelly’s journey has led her all over the world, establishing an impressive global clientele of highly recognized companies and individuals.

Kelly has always had an involvement in the property industry and blended this forte with her businesses. First property development at the age of 20 years old therefore over the years building larger and more diverse portfolios such as commercial, strip retail and fuel stations. Kelly and her business partner won two Master Builders awards for design and construction over these years, whilst completing 22 developments ranging from a $2, 000, 000 strip retail complexes to a blend of residential, commercial, mixed use shopping center, fuel stations and child care center projects some of the developments were funded at approx 100,000,000+. Overall she was responsible for the successful finance, sharing the management and construction of the projects with building partners and focused heavily on the marketing and sale of these developments.

Kelly worked closely with Roger Hamilton, owning and running the Australian sector of Wealth Dynamics and the XL network group, the membership grew over 6 years to 36 countries. She has worked on global stages with some of the most popular speakers from this time, the events have a considerable audience from 100 people up to 1000 people in an auditorium. Over the years with Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Wayne Dwyer, James and Sally Redfield, Paul Dunn, Roy McDonald. Roger Hamilton, Mal Emery, Pat Messiti and many more pioneers in the change maker and thought leader industry.

For the last 15 years Kelly as a mentor has decided to impart this knowledge with her valuable experiences to other SME’s and has been a successful mentor working with a blend of global educational event companies developing and designing serviced programs, workshops and seminars, delivering personal and business advancing products and services. Her passion and experience is as a mentor and strategist with business owners a formula of structure and innovation within their companies to lead them to success as conscious entrepreneurs…