• IDTA is a specialist Learn to Trade Academy committed to your success as a trader. As part of your Learn to Trade journey, we teach you how to trade Commodities, Currencies and Share Index Markets all using a Futures Contract. We focus your learn to trade journey on the Global Futures Markets as they are globally regulated and hence cannot be manipulated by Brokers like many other markets available to you. We find that this knowledge alone may be a significant first step in your learn to trade journey!
  • The 2 Day Trading Intensive is designed to explain exactly what you need to do, to learn to trade with IDTA and strive for success as an trader using the IDTA strategies.
  • The 2 Day Intensive includes multiple Live Market worked examples, so you can evaluate for yourself the ‘True Value’ of the strategies we use and the profit that can be generated even as you learn to trade.
  • The 2 Day Intensive is a must attend for those people giving serious consideration to trading and want to understand the key advantages of Futures Trading compared to Forex Trading, Options Trading, Binary Options Trading and CFD Trading.
IDTA Learn to Trade 2 Day Intensive

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