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Our Beginner Learn to Trade Day Trading Course 101 teaches you to trade Oil, Gold, Currency Futures and up to 50 Share Index Markets around the world using one trading strategy. The I.D.T.A Team have developed a Day Trading Course that is designed to help even the most novice trader understand why the markets move and how you can seek to take advantage of these moves.
Whether you are brand new to trading, or a seasoned specialist, our course is designed to be a “step by step beginner guide” that builds on your expertise and helps you develop a deep understanding of why the markets move and how you can take advantage of them.
“Our goal from the 101 Course is simple, deliver a highly effective Day Trading Education Course that results in educated and disciplined traders”Lachlan Elsworth — Head Trading Coach.

What does the 101 Course include?

  • An Extensive E-Learning Course delivered from within our Member’s Only Accelerated Learning Centre to your favourite computer. In this course we cover every aspect of Beginners Day Trading Course 101 which includes the following…Beginner Success Principles:
    • The fundamental reasons for the futures market;
    • Why does it exist, its history, why does it move both up and down and how this can be traded;
    • Why so many professional traders use the Futures market as a trading tool and what are the emotional, technical and fundamental driving forces behind the market;
    • Position sizing, risk control, and profit maximisation;
    • The power of the 5 Minute Chart and the best 5 Minute Chart set-ups we know;
    • The meaning of candle sticks, indicator installation, signal pattern recognition, how to identify a great trade set up, trade entry, trade exit, risk control and a whole lot more.
  • Weekly Classroom Sessions are conducted by the I.D.T.A team covering every aspect of the education course and how to use it properly.The team follow a 90 Day Education Cycle constantly reviewing the basics and how to use them.This step by step approach means that you can join us at any time and plug straight into the Online Coaching Series.
  • Annual Online Beginner Boot Camp designed to keep you on track during your journey to becoming a professional trader.Conducted online (or live), these Boot Camps have been conducted to high acclaim by the members who attend.Refine your skills, work through traded examples, share your experiences and meet like minded people in these dynamic learning events.


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