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At The International Day Trading Academy we genuinely care about the success of our clients.

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Is Inspiring Humans across the world to become Financial Liberated and Empowerment through Day Trading the Markets.


Is to deliver trading education and financial investment systems to a world-wide community of people, empowering them with the knowledge to attain financial independence and enabling them to live life on their own terms.

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When you realized that trading was possible

I probably single out that defining moment was when Cam was making an Introductory IDTA seminar on the merits of Day Trading 101 last May in KL. He made a remark that piqued my attention to signing up with IDTA WorkShop in which trading 101 is akin to scooping out a few fishes out from a momentum driven river fast flowing downstream. I reflected this epiphany during his presentation to that fleeting moment when I sat at the collapsed riverbank observing the local fishermen trapping out the fishes on the fast moving river with their casting nets splayed out across one of many tributaries of Myanmar Irrawaddy River. That for me was the Light Bulb Moment, who for me is highly skeptical of "Futures" and more so for Day Trading Scalper, antithesis to a Value Stock Investor. That moment I was sell into IDTA.

Jamie M, Malaysia 2017

When I realize that it was possible to have the freedom to make choices for myself. This freedom also gave me the funds to support the people less fortunate than oneself.

Catherine P, QLD 2018

It was the mathematics based reasoning behind the trade set ups appealed to me. I could see that if a,b c & d occurred, then the likelihood of x outcome was significant. Lachy explained this in a way that was obvious to me. I felt comfortable to seek more training and make Day Trading a big part of my future. Everything about IDTA has met (or exceeded) my expectations.

Graham H, VIC 2017

Mine moment was that trading could replace my income - and I didn't have to leave home and be in traffic for ages to be a trader - the bonus was, that you only need your laptop & even on holiday you can trade.

Carol M, QLD 2018

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Educational Events

At IDTA we run regular online Learn to Trade webinars and also Two Day Learn to Trade Intensive Events through-out the year. These events are a great first step in your Learn to Trade journey and will highlight the markets and strategies used by IDTA in detail. Here are some of our upcoming events...